Laser Surgery

Why you should consider Laser Surgery...

For almost thirty years, lasers have been used in human medicine to perform surgical procedures that were previously either impossible or more dangerous by conventional techniques.  In fact, most surgical procedures can be done with a laser! In 2003, Dr. Tanya Prickett began performing and offering laser surgery to her patients.  

Why you should consider Laser Surgery...                   Aesculight Surgical  CO2 Laser

Seven benefits of laser surgery...

1.  Little or no blood loss! The laser seals the small blood vessels.

2. Little or no swelling! The laser seals the lymphatic vessels.

3. Precision! Surgeons are able to remove as few as one or two cell layers at a time.

4.  A “No Touch” delivery system! Lasers cut without touching tissues which greatly eliminates the trauma associated with the standard scalpel technique.

5. Safer & Faster!  In many surgical procedures, the procedure is safer and faster with a laser.

6. Lower risk of infection! The laser beam sterilizes by killing bacteria as it cuts, lessening the risk of infection.

7. Laser surgery can be used to correct many common skin conditions such as:

  • Cysts
  • Tumors
  • Warts
  • Lick granulomas

Many internal and other surgical procedures such as:

  • Spays
  • Neuters
  • Declaws
  • And Many Others!

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  • "Our older male cat, and my pal, Fu stopped eating and was clearly losing weight. An examination by Dr. Tanya indicated that there was some sort of solid in his stomach. It turned out he had a growth in his intestine that was mostly blocking the flow of nutrients. Tanya's surgery was risky but she removed the part with the growth and put him on a special diet. He's back to his normal weight and attitude and cuddled up next to me on my recliner as I type this. Five stars plus. -Craig Jungers :)"
    Moses Lake, WA

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